Thursday, December 12

JGL needed

Two cinnamon rolls, five finals, two portfolios, one "I just want my sister to be home and hang out around the Christmas tree with her already" emotional breakdown, an average of three cups of tea and coffee per day, one call per day to each parent, zero glasses of wine, two broken car batteries, one 24-hour clinic visit, five separate sheets of paper written on for one in class final, two bags of candy, and countless number of grilled cheeses made.


Somehow, every time finals are over I can't help but think how anti-climatic the ending is.

Where is Joseph Gordon-Levitt with some Hall & Oates when you need him right?

The limp across campus to the car half dead after your last final just doesn't really do it justice. Not even a fist pump could be had.

Strangely, though, as I logged onto my computer just now after sleeping for a delightful three hours after my last 8am final, the thing that made me smile and text my mother in all caps was exiting out of every single tab on my browser related to Ecology and T.S. Elliot. There were a lot of tabs.

With only Facebook and Blogger up on my computer I say, see ya later Fall Semester 2013.


Jamie Rose said...

Exiting out of the school related tabs and documents are always the best part of finishing finals/papers. I'm so glad you made it through in one piece. This finals season was not easy!

Abbey said...


becca said...

see ya later indeed!

time for you to take some naps and be near the mountains.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

This just made me so nostalgic for school. I hate it and love it and never want to go back but get that itch every fall. Ya know? I mean, you clearly are still in it, but I'm thinking you might be nearing the end. It's a bittersweet time my new friend. Either bittersweet or awesome or sucky because I hear working life can blow. I mean, I've worked, but now stay home with our son soo don't have to deal with all the normal trials and tribulations. I also don't get paid. And that certainly blows.