Wednesday, December 4

a pointless post because my new lens came

It makes me feel better that probably everyone in school right now is having a near emotional meltdown right about now, right? It certainly feels like we're all in the chocolate-overeating and hair-falling-out-in-the-shower stage of the semester.

For some reason I seem to think I can get through finals this semester without having a single emotional breakdown in the shower like I seem to every semester. Fortunately, I think I might be able to just do that this year thanks to a thing called being of age and having a bottle of wine sitting on my desk.

Anyways, I'm in a procrastinating mood and I recently just bought ("invested in") a new camera and lens for the weddings I'm doing next summer after going to every electronics store in Missoula to feel my dream camera in my hands. Mmmm. I ordered it online over Black Friday in addition to a lens that will be compatible with it since my old one won't be, and while the new camera hasn't arrived, my lens did! I just couldn't not mess around with the beauty of a f1.4 depth of field for two minutes.

So, for lack of better things to talk about or show you, this is the state of my life during dead week shown through just a couple pictures.
Lack of a bookcase // lack of ever trying more than twice to find a bookcase at Good Will // books make great windowsill decoration
All I can say is: day naps. DAY. NAPS. Hence, why I don't make my bed in the morning and just do so before I go to bed. There is no point.
I could pretend I'm really embarrassed about the books I have on my windowsill instead of with the others stuffed in the back of my closet in boxes, but let's just look at the first two. Not embarrassed. It's almost like I planted them there. I couldn't have made up something that funny first without it being accidentally. DSC_0160
This is my life in one picture as an English major. Papers on papers on papers. So many papers. Never have I have used so much paper in my life. 
Sometimes, I'm cleaning my room and I just need to stare at my favorite things in my closet for a wile. Motivation, you know? 


Brissa said...

that dress is a dream!!!! also, the books. major lolz from me.

Shelby said...

haha! give me those books!! best thing of my life. and i am currently not in school (i took a semester off), and i have forgotten how horrible finals are. next semester... luckily i will also be of age then, so that is wonderful.

Ebony said...

Oh dood. I am not looking forward to exam time when I'm at uni next year (after the travels and yada yada). These photos rock. Yay for new cameras and lenses! I haven't bothered buying anything new for my camera since I got it in what? 09? :D Madness.