Wednesday, July 27

Guest Post: Elanor!

skirt: thrifted, belt, backpack, & platforms: goodwill, shirt: old navy

Hello! I'm Elanor from Missing Lovebirds, and I will be filling in for the lovely Maggie today as she is off vacationing! I'm sure you all love Maggie's playful patterns and adorable headbands (which I wish I could pull off...) as much as I do... but I'm glad the girl is getting a break! Camping is a great way to relax away from society and to just be in nature.

For my guest post, I went to a cute little town the other day with my boy Nathaniel to take some photos! He's always such an eager helper, that one. :) I hear Maggie's Niklaas is too! Aren't boyfriends great? Heheh. Well anyway, I bought this beautiful skirt for 2 dollars at a thrift store recently and decided to style it right up especially for this post! As you can see in the detailed shot of the bottom of the skirt, it has very delicate and detailed lace. Personally I think it's beautiful, but Nat said it looks sort of like a table cloth! Sigh. I guess he's a little right though...Oh well!

Well, that's all for me today! I hope you enjoyed my guest post! Have a wonderful day and be sure to stop by say hello sometime over at Missing Lovebirds...! xx

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Tuesday, July 26

Summer Vacation

here are my pictures from my two week long road trip!
(southern idaho, utah, wyoming, and montana)
old trail town (cody), wyoming
camping consisted of reading on hammocks
yellowstone and dehydration
canyon in yellowstone
lone little tree
i miss you already, wyoming.

Sunday, July 24


it's a little bit hard to believe that I'm nineteen.
every single time I gripe about my age, all of the elders in the room say,
"don't you think it's a little too early to worry about getting old?"
my answer: no.

I know I'm not technically old. 
But what scares me is how every single year seems to go faster
and faster.
I'm mostly scared that I'm going to wake up in the blink of an eye
and everything that is happening right now,
like sitting here typing at my computer,
will be what I'm remembering as a 90 year old.
Right now is going to be a memory before I know it.

for the past six years and some odd years previous,
I've written in my diary on my birthday.
and for some reason, I always recap what I've learned,
how I've grown, what I've realized, what I want, 
what I love, and hopes for the future.

this year, however,
 I can't write pages about who I've become
and who I want to become.
there isn't much to say.

I have everything
and I'm further than where I ever thought I could be.

all I want to enjoy is right now 
while it's here.

Friday, July 22

Guest Post: Kylee!

i was beyond thrilled when maggie asked me to guest post for her. being considered worthy enough to write on such a blog is definitely worth celebrating. and what better way to celebrate than with a discussion about birthday traditions.
birthdays are by far my favorite holiday. yes i consider birthdays a holiday. and not just my birthday, everyone's birthday. i love nothing more than giving the birthday kid a baked treat. i always tell them they can choose any baked good and their wish will be my command. i'm basically the birthday treat genie. no rubbing of the lamp is necessary though. birthdays in my house always last a week long. they may be self dubbed week long celebrations, but its fine. it's your birth week. you're entitled. i have this favorite mexican restaurant. if you're ever in utah i beg you to go. it's the one restaurant i crave on a daily basis. yes you read that right, daily. there is no better place to eat your yearly birthday dinner. sometimes i try to branch out and think about other options but in the end i remain loyal and la puente wins.
la puente
after eating the best smothered burrito ever created we drive home for my traditional birthday cake. i'm a girl who likes routines and plans. change is not my thing, i usually stick to what i know i like. naturally, i choose the same cake every year. you know that better than anything cake that has everyone nodding in agreement while eating, this really is better than anything? i'm here to tell you that statement is wrong. i know the cake that really wins the i'm better than you competition. it's the exact same thing but take out the heath bar and replace it with butterfinger. your dying inside right? you want a piece right now don't you? i do too. if you want to adopt my tradition i'll let you. you won't be sorry you did.
as i mentioned earlier i'm not all about me and my birthday. i love to celebrate with others. i love to let them know how loved and appreciated they are. for this reason i tend to fill my blog up with dedications to the birthday kids. consider it a virtual birthday card complete with a picture or two. everyone deserves a good birthday tribute. and now for two of my very favorite birthday traditions both including dad. lunch with dad is one of the greatest things. i get to pick the place and we get to spend some quality daddy daughter time. it's the little things like lunch dates that a girl remembers forever. every year my dad gets me and my sister birthday roses. one rose for every year of age. birthday roses have become the one birthday tradition i look most forward to. even though i know they're coming,  i'm always pleasantly surprised.
since my birthday isn't for another 9 months i ask you all to celebrate your birthdays for a full week, eat at your favorite restaurant, get free ice cream from cold stone, try the better than anything butterfinger cake, make someone bake you a treat and even find yourself some birthday roses. if you're birthday isn't anytime soon perhaps you should find someone who does have one coming up and celebrate with them. birthdays are the best. yours, hers, his, theirs and even mine.

Monday, July 18

Guest Post: Jasmine!

Greetings readers of Lifesize Paperdoll! 
I'm Jasmine and I run my own personal style blog (Transient Withdrawal), but I'm so happy that Maggie asked me to do a guest post for her while she's away on an internet vacation! I asked her if she had any themes or ideas, and she gave me a list of some which included dream wedding, how I'd spend $500 on clothes, birthday traditions, and favorite Summer reads. Now since I've put myself on a budget of $100 for my entire Summer wardrobe, I thought dream shopping could turn to be a little dangerous so I took the last idea and spun it in a different direction. The entire Harry Potter series is always a Summer read for me. Always. It has been this way since I started reading Harry Potter as a kid and I'm still not sick of it. Though, I'm currently too busy to actually read the books so I have taken to listening to the audio books at the gym, in the car, and while I'm reading blogs. I'm actually listening to it right now. My boyfriend also surprised me with Harry Potter midnight premiere tickets. We've been together for nearly 4 and a half years, and every year since, I drag him to see Harry Potter with me. So it was super sweet that now he's the one taking me to see the very last one. I figured now would be a good time as any to do some sort of tribute to the series that changed my life. Thankfully I already had some scarlet and gold things in my closet to create this look and thankfully they're fit for the heat during Summer. 
outfit: top - forever 21 / skirt - urban outfitters / belt - topshop / shoes - marais usa 

"He couldn't know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: 'To Harry Potter--the boy who lived!'" 


Friday, July 15

My First Sponsor: His&Hers Vintage!

I have been wanting to share a bit of exciting news for quite some time. A few months back, whilst clicking away at blog links, I came across a blogger I was instantly entranced by and felt connected to. Scenic rolling hill outfit locations? Wonderful writing? Florals? I'm there. And then I saw that she had a blog shop and I died. Every single item in her shop I saw myself wearing. Every single one! And so, a few emails later, we joined together and I have my very first sponsor and the cutest little package I've ever held.
This dress is my newest love. Bethany sent it in the sponsorship package and ohhhhh. I wear it constantly. I love the fact that it has sleeves, that the fabric is light enough that it keeps me cool when it gets 85+ degrees, that the print is floral and adorable, and the button loop in the back. It's perfect!! Once upon a time, a pal of mine found a floral scoop neck dress at Goodwill before I could. And to this day, it's my favorite dress ever. However, folks, I think this dress rivals even that one! Thank you so, so much Bethany for this opportunity- I could not possibly be more grateful to work with someone I connect with! Go check out her blog and her etsy shop prepare to be amazed! I'm wonderstruck, truly.
Dress: c/o  His&Hers Vintage
Bow:  c/o  His&Hers Vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Rue21

Wednesday, July 13


{dress: target, shirt: consignment shop, hat*sunglasses: f21}
Hi guys! I'm so honored to be blogging for Maggie today - I was seriously so excited when she asked me if I would be able to. She's so kind and has the cutest style!

Thought I'd be super adventurous and dress up in my "winged" shirt, hat and new sunnies to walk my sister's dog. Posing with her proved to be waaay more difficult than I thought it would be. She is seriously so wild and HAD to bark and chase after every single thing that made a noise. If it wasn't for that hideously cute face, I'm not sure I'd be able to stand her. Haha. Anyway, I at least got a few shots where she wasn't running out of the frame, howling at the sky and wrapping her leash around me. :-)

If you get a chance, be sure to say hello!