Friday, October 21


The past couple of weeks have been long. Two nights ago, my roommates and I were all on the floor near tears and we each had to call our momma's for a pep talk. School. I've had some sort of midterm every week for the past four weeks and they're taking over my life. Seriously, if they were "mid-terms" shouldn't they happen in the middle of the term? Not...four times a term!? I have also needed a break from the blog. Needed. Desperately. I'm working and going through some stuff right now that deserves my full attention. 
(the library has turned into my best friend)

Thank you blog friends for being wonderful.


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Awwww! I'm sorry stuff is so tough at the moment, four weeks of midterms does seem a little bit silly, you're barely going to have a break before the end of term! I'm sending internet cuddles and cups of tea your way xo

kylee said...

giirrrrl! so sorry for all the stress in your life. sure hope things get better for you. just know that if i were there i would bake you something this very instant.

Wild Flower said...

I'm terribly sorry school has been keeping you so busy, but I must admit, I love that pouty face picture! You look so adorable.
Hopefully mid terms will be done soon, I know I just finished all of mine, wahoo!

Wild Flower

Liz said...

I HATE COLLEGE. seriously. So much stress!!! I graduated in August, but I still hate it! I feel your pain. You will make it!!

Jamie Rose said...

Ugh yeah. Midterms never happen all at the middle of the semester. Mine were quite a bit before the middle, I think and they sucked! I feel your pain, but not quite four in a row pain. I'm sorry :(

rosieposie said...

oh god i remember how horrible exam period was when I was at university. sending you lots of love and hugs to get you through the horrible stressful time! x

♥Abby said...

I understand, that's why I quit blogging in the first place!
Good luck on all of your tests and things, just concentrate and don't worry about your blog! We'll be here waiting when you return. =)


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

can't wait for you to come back again!
good luck on everything!

Natalie said...

I completely understand, so, no worries. School must take precedence over blogging as much as we all wish it wouldn't. :P Good luck! <3

hellolyndsey said...

Good luck on all of your tests and exams lovely!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey