Monday, October 3


The homesickness of being away at college is definitely setting in. The excitement of a new school year, new school supplies, a new dorm, new roommates, and having that extra little oomph of freedom on my own is waning. I'm really missing home and being surrounded by family and I can't help but wish for those precious nights of eating dinner on the sofa with my family even if it meant watching a football game I was disinterested in. I miss seeing the smiles instead of hearing them. Sometimes I look at the present and wonder how I really got to be here when it feels like I should be 16 and sneaking into Mom's bed to read the paper with her in the morning. I remember specifically during my senior year of high school thinking about what it would feel like when I didn't live at home and what it would feel like to miss everything at home. If I could tell my 17 year old self something, I would tell her to skip the Friday night outing with friends and spend it watching another movie with the family. I can't wait for this weekend in which I will spend every single second for 48 hours by my sister's side.
i love these guys.


Amie K said...

what a lovely post! I moved away from home 10 months ago and whilst I love living where I do, I miss my fam sooooo much!

Love Amie XO

hellolyndsey said...

It's great that the distance between you and your family is making the bond stronger and not weaker. that raelly is a key part in family i think.

i hope all is well love, i hope school is going well and i hope everything works out for you!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Celynne said...

It's odd, because I moved 5 hours away from every single member of my family when I Was 17, and I wasn't home sick one minute. I almost wish I were sometimes but eh. Love that pic of your parents with the fish :D Outdoorsy people are great.

Jamie Rose said...

I love going home and hanging with my family. Luckily I only go to school about an hour away from home so I can go back if I have a free weekend. Enjoy your visit!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I agree with everything you've just said. EVERYTHING.
I'm going to write you another letter.

Alex said...

your family looks like the greatest family out there! :)