Monday, February 3

you've got something I need

double finished_8

Things that deserve a round of applause include: fresh snow after a March feeling January (because there's nothing like winter that looks AND feels like winter), new music, The Fault in Our Stars trailer (if I'm feeling these many emotions for a trailer I can't imagine how the movie will go), leather jackets with cat printed sweater dresses, and blog posts that make you remember why you love writing and blogging (KUDOS TO YOU, pretty girl.)

Things have hit a more positive note for me this week. I spent an entire day by myself at a coffee shop on Saturday catching up on a week's worth of homework I didn't do and it reminded me of how important it is to continually 'date myself'. I'm one of my favorite people to hang out with and sometimes in the throes of stress and drama, I forget that the simplest way to escape it is to physically isolate myself. A solid day of me, my cup of joe, my writing, my journals, and a stack of homework. There was nothing better.

Also, if that doesn't work, there's lipstick and night clubs.

Here's to more BLOGGING and hopefully more cat printed everything. There is never enough.


Z said...

Always hoorah to more blogging! Love that dress, of course :]

Annie W said...

I LOVE that dress so much! And these photos are so beautiful. :)

Abbey said...

Dating yourself is so important- i love that!

Jennifer said...

I love days where I feel like I'm just surrounded by people and I can finally just breathe and be to myself. I've had a lot of me-time since I've graduated. But when I was on campus it was constantly people, people, people. It took a toll on me a lot because as much as I loved them, I am an introvert at heart. I needed that isolation to wind down, and I wasn't always getting it. However, I know when I move out to Seattle and I'm working (hopefully sooner rather than later), I will definitely cherish the me-time again, a lot.

carelessly cut said...

Cute dress! :)

Rosie x

veronika girlandcloset said...

So true!! Thank you for the reminder, I need more dates with myself. I don't do it enough!! And??? YES, to more blogging and cat prints. Love your style and you!!! xoxo

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Jamie Rose said...

I enjoy spending time alone too. Just me and my computer!
I also really love your cat print dress. It's so adorable and it looks great with that leather jacket.