Tuesday, January 21

Yellowstone and Bozeman

This weekend I decided on a moment's notice that we should go to Yellowstone National Park. I loaded up on the pistachios and hats for this occasion, piled into my boyfriend's car for our second "road trip" together, because seriously, what else is there to do with a six week long winter break? Are you going to go to Yellowstone or are you going to go to Yellowstone!?

"I'm going to bring my new camera and take so many cool pictures!" I said to myself. Until I realized into day two of our mini vacation that I'd left it on my living room floor. And without cell phone service and a forgotten phone charger, it was a completely picture free weekend spare the photos I took of the hot springs in Yellowstone, my boyfriend's cat, and the most epic Billiards team you've ever seen. Because obviously.

So, no pictures were taken to document the weekend. And all I have are the memories of eating a lot of breakfast food with views of some of the prettiest mountains I've ever seen, voyaging downtown Bozeman being shown favorite local bookstores and music stores, meeting the parents and seeing old stomping grounds, and being within 3 feet of a full grown elk.

It was the best weekend. I have nothing but a few crappy iPhone pictures to show for it. I was fully immersed in the moment all weekend long and I loved every second of it.
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Shawnee said...

sounds like a dreamy weekend… i like having no camera or service sometimes. makes you really live and have no thoughts/worries on taking the perfect photo or checking your phone. my grandparents camp on a lake is exactly this. i love that there's no service. although there isn't always photos to freeze the moments, there's something about telling the stories from memory. even writing them down. x

Shelby said...

love this! i just went on a spontaneous road trip with my boyfriend as well. we ventured over to San Fran, and it was heavenly. Sometimes you just need that little break to get yourself back in the groove of things. Also, Yellowstone is BEYOND gorgeous. I mean come on.

P.s- I didn't have a picture free vacation, but in a way i changed things up. I brought my big camera thinking i would take a million pictures. I instead decided to leave it behind at the apartment we stayed in, and just take my phone, and film camera. It literally was a weight off my shoulders. It was so nice to walk around without a big, bulky camera. It was so much easier to blend into the city.

Abbey said...

That first photo is freaking amazing so I don't know what you're talking about calling it crappy. ;) You're lucky you can roadtrip to yellowstone... it takes pretty much a whole day of driving just to leave texas... so roadtrips are a giant deal haha. Looks like fun memories!

Natalie said...

I feel like picture free getaways are sometimes some of the best just because then you aren't worried about it (though of course it's also too much fun to document everything for posterity.... ugh so many struggles.) BUT road tripping to Yellowstone with Seth sounds like it must have been an absolute blast. And KITTTTY!

Wild Flower said...

Ah so jealous, I would love to visit Yellowstone. You and your boyfriend look really adorable together, sounds like an amazing weekend!


Talia Candler said...

Ahhhh Mags I'm so happy you came to see me last weekend! I know you're now in love with my beautiful Bozeman enough to come again. Love you!