Tuesday, January 14

advice from my mom

(1) When looking for love, simplicity is key. Complicated is overrated. You want to be with someone who is certain they want to be with you; no questions asked and without mind-games.

(2) You are the only person who can know if something is right for you. Trust your gut.
finished_45 My mom is all knowing. At least, she has yet to be wrong about something. She's always right. She may not know it, but I hope someday that I am half as wise as she is. She also may not know that I'm taking careful notes of everything she tells me. Thanks, mom.


carly said...

I swear all moms go to Mom School or something. how do they know so much?! how are they always right?! one thing's for sure: I am oh so grateful to my own mom's true advice/words/knowledge.

Emma Jane said...

These are tops. I really really needed these today too. Moms just cannot be beat, really.

Tightrope to the Sun

Z said...

Ugh gosh, so true. Someone freshman year who was attempting to coach me on my latest guy issue said that "maybe this is just meant to be complicated!" Uh, no. Took me so many other blunders to realize that the cutest thing about a guy is when he legitimately cares about you and the people you care about.

Isabella said...

Mothers honestly seem to be all knowing fountains of wisdom. Yay for them!
Bella x

Anonymous said...

Your Mum is all knowing!
Number 2 is my favourite :).

Xanthe said...

Aw! Mum's just have a way of knowing... haha lovely blog xxxx

Jennifer said...

hey, it's completely up to you if you want to do it, but just so you know i gave you a blog award! http://herestothegoldendays.blogspot.com/2014/01/golden-blog-award.html