Monday, September 5

Shark Night: 3D

In case you haven't heard of the hugely popular, wonderfully realistic, perfectly exhilarating wonderful movie was just released in theaters also known as Shark Night: 3D. No, not just "Shark Night". But Shark the third dimension. It takes Shark Week to a whole new level of entertaining. It might have been the biggest waste of third dimensional technology, but it also might have been the greatest unintentional parody of American horror movies to date. I mean, leaping Great Whites eating people out of trees and snatching them mid-air on a jet-ski? What? Class A, kiddos! If you have a lovely boyfriend/girlfriend/grandmother that pays the entire $12 for a ticket, there really isn't a reason for you to pass this movie up just so you can laugh at the gut wrenchingly laughable acting and look like a hipster in your 3D glasses made to enhance the supposedly 'real footage' of these babies. It was the perfect start to the first weekend of college with the crew.

That being said, I think I ought to go watch a French Horror film now...


Alex said...

That movie sounds like fun, anything that can make you laugh and it's in 3D? Count me in!

Jamie Rose said...

Haha I saw the commercials for that movie. Glad you had fun! Watching bad movies with friends is usually a hilariously enjoyable experience for me.

amy said...

Movie nights are the best! Especially goofy fun movies like Shark Night. I can't imagine it in 3D (^.^)

You and your friends are sooooo cute

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Natalie said...

Haha, oh my gosh, seeing terrible 3D horror movies with friends is always a hilariously memorable experience. :D

hellolyndsey said...

Eeek! I wish I could watch things in 3d, but they scare me and it makes me freak haha
lyndsey of hellolyndsey