Tuesday, May 17

food for thought

-I'm finally home, 
-But it doesn't feel like summer when it snows.

-I'm loving Amber's spring blog posts these days.

-My netflix que has been getting some much needed attention from me this week.

-I haven't unpacked a thing. I'm living out of a suitcase.

-I managed to salvage $400 dollars from the school year, and now I am going to buy a new laptop. I have no idea which one I'm going to get. Mac? HP? Dell? Sigh. I honestly don't care. Just give me
a new laptop that doesn't die every second. Okay?

-It's weird when you get to the age that your friends start getting married.

-Or when people start asking you when you're getting married even though you're only 18 and while one year in a relationship is longer than many engagements, I still feel like a 7 year old with a driver's license and grown up job. Or when your mom says, "You can get married in 3 years when you graduate, but any earlier and I won't pay for the wedding." Haaaaaaaa.

-I seriously want a Kindle.

-Washington State University is the most confusing campus on earth.

-Oh, yeah. Work. I started work. A real job. As in, the government gets to take a portion of my pay check and I have a boss. But I love it, for what it's worth. Washing test tubes beats washing silverware and dirty plates any day. And listening to the radio isn't bad either. And neither is working one floor below your dad who pops in every few hours to say hello when you've missed him for a whole semester.

-Why haven't I bought Easy A on DVD yet? I seriously have watched this movie at least eight times on Netflix and rented it four times from Redbox. I need it. 

-I spent all weekend making friends with 8th graders. From Washington. It was the greatest. I have an odd ability to make friends with people way younger than me and way older.

-I have $50 to spend at Modcloth with my gift certificate and I have no idea what to buy. It's a conundrum.

-I think my sister is most excited that I'm home for the sole fact that I can now "help" her do her homework.(By help I mean doing) 

-Moscow is pathetically empty without Niklaas here. I know that's pathetic. And I know I can be labeled Class A "Whiney" for saying this, but really. I got here yesterday but he's gone until Thursday and I've realized how terrible it is to be the one at home while the other is off in a new place. And I can't believe he did this for a whole year. I can barely get through a few days. Being the one in a brand new place and a new surrounding with new friends is so much easier than being in the place that you've been for 18 years. I can't believe he did this for me, and with a remarkably surprising minimal amount of complaining. 
I just want him to come home 
(insert Maggie is pathetic comment here)


Branden Harvey said...


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I just adore you.

I agree with most everything you said here. It's crazy to see how many kids are running off, getting married, etc. So many of my friends are having babies and adults are always asking me if there's a special someone in my life that I plan to wed. It's crazy!!

And a REAL job? I'm so proud of you. So cute that your dad pops in to see you.


ps: We need to have a chatfest where I send you links to dresses you need to buy. Mwuah. <3

Kuleigh said...

Your hair is so cute and I love the dress! I watched Easy A today and it was pretty good! Long distance sucks. I know what you mean. Lots of my friends are engaged/have kids/are married. As much as I want that it scares the crap out of me because I'm turning 21 but feel like a baby. My boyfriend and I have been dating almost 4 years (probably 3 years longer than most people who get engaged) but we don't have marriage plans until both of us graduate. You must be practical about such things. Enjoy making money! I'm looking for work. Sigh.

Natalie said...

I'm a hopeless Apple nerd and would say to get a Mac, buuuuut I'm sure any new laptop would be very nice. :)

Geez, I can't even fathom getting married in a few years! Like you said, I feel the same as I did when I was a little kid, except now apparently they let me drive a car. Weird.

Congrats on your first real job though! That's pretty exciting stuff.

I guess I actually find it easier to make friends with younger people too, cause a lot of my friends are in grades below me.

You are certainly not being pathetic, because just reading about you two being apart sounds so sad... I hope you and Niklaas shall be reunited soon!

Margaret said...

WSU is the MOST confusing campus ever. I feel your pain, dearie! Blame it on poor organization. Oh, and the bus system is pretty messed up, too. Any experience, yet?

UGH! Pullman is calling me!! Can't wait to go back home...:((

Michelle said...

Wearing flowers in your hair always make you feel so pretty doesn't it

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

eeek unpack girl, living out of a suitcase sucks!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Stevia said...

maggie! you are not pathetic at all!

you can still visit right?

and yes.. graduating is scary. and weird and confusing!

but.. life is too beautiful to spent worrying, right?

i gave you some awards! come and pick it up :)

Lea said...

I've definitely been missing your pretty posts :) Love silly lists like this. It's also a bit overwhelming trying to decide what to respond to in a comment.

You're making me want summer so bad! My school is on quarters, so I've still got about three weeks left :(

Vera said...

love your hair, pretty girl :)
enjoy your time at home!
by the way i totally agree with what you said about friends getting married .. soon. it's especially weird because one of my best friends is in a pretty serious relationship and they've basically planned out their life already. and i'm here, feeling like i'm still 10 years old hahaha.


Emma said...
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Charlotte said...

I'm a little older than you so it's crazy to think you know people who are getting married.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months and about a month ago two of our friends got engaged after two months together!! Freaked the hell out of my boyfriend!!
Erick and I were talking about it though and it's like, what's the rush? It'll still be marriage if you get married now or in 5 years.
Take your time :]]

Charlotte xxx

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Amber Rose is so lovely! I've been loving her posts as well.
Congrats on being home for the summer and having a job! I've been driving myself crazy applying for jobs. It's so difficult to find one!
I would be so pathetic if I was in a long distance relationship. Luckily, Zak and I go to the same college, so I see him quite often. I commend you two for being so strong and sticking together! :)

Izzi said...

beautiful dress and headband! so summery!

sounds like an exciting summer...must be so amazing after a year of long distance..it really sucks!!

ps easy a is awesome!! hahah


blorange dice said...

i just love reading your blog so very much. you are so sweet about niklaas. (: and congrats on the job! sounds cool. also, if you can, get a mac. they are so amazingly awesome. i'll never go back, even though i'm not rich. it's worth paying more!

p.s. when i first saw those pictures up top, i was like, "what?! she dyed her hair??" but then i figured it out haha.

Becca said...

I love your bit about work "as in, the government wants to take a piece of my pay check'.....
ha ha ha
you are growing up, girl!
it's such a funny thing, isn't it?
what to do?

carolina said...

cute necklace. <3

v a m p i r e said...

Amber was one of the greatest friends i've made when i started my blog :)

silly me was laughing at some of the stuff u wrote in this post

''It's weird when you get to the age that your friends start getting married. ''
( TELL ME BOUT IT , over my side its like a marriage marathon )

and as i have reader ur newer post i wont comment much about your new job , quit it girl , i hope u will have a wonderful weekend ahead ♥