Saturday, February 5


I know I've posted today, but I just wanted to make an *official* post announcing a few tidbits of news!

1) I now have a button for you to put on your blogs if you so wish! Here's the link to my button and a picture of what it looks like below! (Also, if you look on the right in the little text box, the link for the picture is also there) There are more in my pages here including one Niklaas made!
2) I changed my labels to make navigating my blog easier and added my twitter feed! Wooohoo! Look on the left!
3) In addition to getting my own button, I've added buttons from my blogging crushes! Yay!
4) I am officially linking my "writing" blog to this blog. It's possibly the most scary thing, ever. I have 170 hidden drafts and I've never pushed "post" until this week. Yikes. So far, it's just my unfortunate happenings but maybe one day I'll excavate those dark posts ;)
5) My giveaway is *almost* done! It was originally a '250 follower' giveaway, but now it's at 300, and that was just a couple weeks ago. So, it'll be up this week!:)

That's all for now. Have a lovely Saturday!


Charlotte said...

wow, maggey- 300 followers?! I am jealous!!

Charlotte xxx

Shy, Chesterfield said...

link has been added AND I follow you on twitter now.

Done and Done!


Ebony said...

Magssss! I am loving the writing and the recipe you added and all this housekeeping wonderfulness.
I know life got in the way last time and we never finished your layout together (SORRY!) but you've done a great job. If you need anything tweaked I have ALL the free time in the world now so lemme know xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me,, i love your button! <3
And I'm happy I'm one of the 300s! :)

Gentri said...

One day I'll have lots of followers. haha! :) Thank you for your comment on my blog. They always make me happy. LOVE the picture for your button! Those gloves- I'm jealous of them.

Gentri said...

oh, and I now follow your blog. So now you have 1 more to add to your list. :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh wow, i've been thinking about making a writing blog too..and i definitely admire you for putting yourself out there! whoot!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

ana b. said...

You're very brave making your writing blog public and I applaud you! It's hard putting yourself out there.

Cheyne said...

I think one of the most frightening expiriences of my life was sharing my writing.
Writing had always been a past time, an "escape" if I may be so cliche! And then, this summer when I studied at Pratt in New York it was like impending doom because I absolutely knew they'd make us share out loud everything we wrote. But honestly, I am so SO glad I was forced into it. It seems so necessary, the ability to share your writing. Even the idea of some people I know in real life reading my blog makes me squirm a bit because I think they may poke fun of what I've written. Having confidence in my writing has always been difficult for me, but without sharing it I would never have come as far as I have. And I'm so proud that you're sharing yours! I think you may have inspired me to post a poem I wrote at Pratt....MAYBE. Hehe. (:


sara said...

you are so brave for sharing your writing, i don't think i will ever show mine to anyone!

Natalie Suarez said...

very cute blog! love the photos :)

Roma said...

maggey grace!! as of my posting time, it's 307. whew! congratulations! I'm so happy for you :D hope one day i'll see you in similar pair of boots :) i'm a clutz also I'm sure you could pull it off! :)

Dreamy Princess said...

Your writings are so good! I love shower talk xp

stay gorgeous, Maggey!!!

Dreamy Princess

dEJOISS said...

Oh my god, 170 drafts! I got a lot also, haha. Thanks for your comment, I will try to post more about what I love in my life. :) I will try my best to make my blog better! ^^ Welcome to visit my blog again if you like it. :))