Sunday, August 28

Sophomore Year

It's only one year later, but nothing, this time, could be more different. Sure, it's still the same school and it's still the same city. Rather than preparing weeks in advance and packing my clothes excitedly and carefully, this year it all happened in two nights nervously and carelessly. Rather than waking up disheveled and somewhat nostalgic for the days I already missed, I woke up with a hop and a skip in my step excited to launch myself out the door.

I vividly remember the dreary and lifeless clouds last year on the exact date that matched my spirit. Leaving last year wasn't easy. Leaving home for the first time wasn't easy. The excitement was there, but it was buried under a year's worth of memories with my first real boyfriend and, quite possibly, my first real friends. And leaving my sister was the most gut wrenching pain I'd ever felt. It was cold as we entered Missoula for the first time and my nerves were abundant. It's pretty bad when I have to ask my sister how to make friends since I had concluded within two seconds of meeting my roommate that she hated me. I arrived completely alone not knowing a single name on campus. I was on my own to figure it all out.

This year, that was the only thing I thought about during the four hour drive. It wasn't cloudy nor dreary outside. It was bright and full of life. And, more importantly, I was excited. I was overjoyed to get back to my school where some of the best friends I've ever had would be living with me and to a fresh semester after bouncing back from a pretty dismal gpa. I woke at 4:45am and nearly threw everything on the porch steps for my father to pack into the car. I pounced into my sister's bed eight times begging her to please just wake up and shower so we could get on the road. 

I'm coming back to school this year the very opposite of alone. Somehow, I was able to convince my cousin to choose the University of Montana (it's not so difficult to convince someone that this is a magical place) for his college education. I have family here now. And, the day arrived that I've been waiting sixteen months for when I could open my dorm room and see Niklaas standing there with waffles from the cafeteria because I missed breakfast and he's still my boyfriend after a year of being long distance. My roommates aren't strangers and I don't have to wonder what my classes will be like. They're going to be horrible and probably make me want to throw my body into a vat of hydrochloric acid (hey, maybe I learned something last year?). But at least I know. I have my very own bedroom and I'm not sharing my bathroom with four other girls.

I'm sharing my bathroom with my roommate from last year. Who I was convinced on the first day despised me.

Nothing could be more different, but I thank the lucky stars, the God in heaven, and the fateful day two years ago when I decided Missoula was going to be my future place of residence that everything last year happened so I could have everything that I have this year and it could feel that much better.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post =]

I'm really glad that you are glad to be back!

Although I love my friends from home too, I completely understand where you're coming from. I was terrified starting college and the idea of knowing nobody was horrible. Now I'm counting the days until I get back!

Love-Lee x

Just Daisy said...

Great post!

I am so excited for you <33
Sophomore year sounds promising already, I start Junior year tomorrow.


Natalie said...

I am so happy reading this post! It is beyond fantastic at how much of a 180 was made between your feelings on your first day of freshman vs sophomore year. It selfishly makes me glad to know that even though I'm going to be beyond terrified on my first day of college, hopefully everything will turn out as wonderful as it has for you. I'm so excited for your next year! Especially getting to finally be spending the year together with Niklaas... And waffles! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that sophomore year is starting out great. I'm so happy fo you. You deserve the best and yay for you and Niklaas! <3

XoXo, Bree
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Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you Maggie! You've got such a great mindset about everything, and I'm just glad to know you're doing so well <3

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so jealous!!!! My beau and I have never been together all the time. He is 5 hours away in the Navy and we get to see each other for 3 days every 2 months. Except next time he comes it will have been 4 months, at least. I long for the day I can open my door and see him standing there! Enjoy it, girl!
Have a wonderful schoolyear and know you are in my prayers for safety!
- s

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Loved this post Maggie! :) Good luck to the new school year. It seems like everything is going your way and I'm so very happy that it is. <3

Alex said...

I wish you the best for tomorrow and good luck with Niklaas! It's so good to hear that you have family there now too! and friends! So everything should be great this year. Wait, everything WILL be awesome for you. I know it :) good luck Maggie!

kylee said...

you are living the college dream. the hard stuff is worth the goodness you find living away from home. one of my biggest regrets was never leaving for a college away from home. so glad you get to experience it and so glad you let me live vicarously through you! alsoooo we need to do our cd swap this week! and don't hate but twitter was not for me. not even 24 hours after getting it i was done and had to delete the thing. maybe someday i'll find it intriguing but for now i'm just going to obsess over instagram.

Dorien said...

Oh I'm so happy for you all is going well, hope it'll be another great year in college for you. Lovely post!

Amber Blue Bird said...

sophomore year is really different but a good different. glad you are enjoying this new chapter in your life.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I'm so glad that you're so happy. Reading this post gives me hope that I won't always feel as sad as I do right now, that it will not only get better, become manageable, but become something I love.

ps: I'm still jealous about your room. ;)

hellolyndsey said...

I am really extremely happy for you mags, I'm SO glad and relieved to hear that you're happy. I really hope the rest of the year turns out great for you and more to come after this one.

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Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i can't wait to hear about your school adventures, and the good times to happen. the best of luck to you lovely.

Margaret said...

Good luck to another year, Maggie! I can't wait for college next year :) It just couldn't come faster!

Rand T said...

wow good luck have fun xx

Becca said...

mags, it's so great that you love school as much as you do!
sounds like such a fun time already! I can't wait to hear more.