Wednesday, March 30

it is official

Rain Boots!
-i don't just want rain boots, i need them for the sake of my toes' well being
-girls who say they hate drama are the ones who cause it
-my brain is exhausted and spring break couldn't come at a more perfect time
-Lady Gaga's songs aren't appealing to me anymore at all
-i miss my sister so much it hurts
- my dream is to see fire flies
-i love sleepovers on school nights
-this is the slowest week of my life
-modcloth is killing me with their sweet spring dresses
-yoga is the best hour of my day
-mary kate and ashley are my favorite
-i'm way behind in the blog world (sorry!!)
-i love day of the week underwear
-tangled is my favorite movie

Monday, March 28

midnight cowboy

This outfit is. So. Not. Me. Remember a long time ago (but you probably don't) when I said that the only time I ever looked even "remotely" hipster compared to the always hipster Niklaas was when I wore plaid and then all hipster broke loose? This was one of those days. Maybe one of these days I'll try to make a girly plaid outfit, but, really, I don't think it's possible and everyone has to have their "different/experimental" days!
I got this sweater two years ago because I just had to have an ultra comfy sweater and Hollister sweaters are typically very cozy. I didn't know it was going to be forty inches long though, so it's basically a dress, and I have never worn it in public. It isn't something for petite gals to pull off! And, when I decided to wear something with it, I just thought...plaid. And then shorts. And then tights. And then my "hipster" boots. And voila. Un-Maggielike outfit!
sweater-Hollister & Co top-Aeropostale tights-Urban Outfitters shorts-Old Navy boots-Niklaas hat-Urban Outfitters
This weekend was the best weekend ever. Seriously. My cousin is considering going to UM next year and he came on Friday to tour the school. He ended up hanging out with my friends and I for the entirety of the night and then hiked the "M" with us the next morning. Niklaas was also here for his soccer team so I've seen him twice this week (a record, surely). Niklaas attended our movie night along with my cousin and it was just a giant group of my best friends and him. I positively loved it. It's always funny because I know in my heart I like that kid a lot, but when I'm with him, I realize I have no idea how much I adore him until that moment that he's right there. And I get giggly and nervous and smiley and it's just like the first time I saw him. One year later and it's still just like day one, just older, wiser, and even closer than before.
We also went to the hot springs which required a two mile hike. It was a very full day and when I got home from dinner afterwards with Niklaas and his family, I collapsed into bed and slept for a full twelve hours. It was glorious. This week is going to be torture (chemistry midterm!) but guess what?? SPRING BREAK IS ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY!!!!!! I'm going to die. I'm so, so excited.
Well, I need to go continue my chemistry consuming. Bleck. I won't be too attentive to the blog this week (it's an every three week pattern) but I'll be reading your comments! Thank you all for how wonderful you are to me. Next week, I'll finalllly be posting my giveaway, and I think you'll enjoy it. (Hint: Modcloth!)

Sunday, March 27

week(end) in pictures (best weekend ever)

this is why I go to school in Montana and why I'm in love with Idaho
out at sea for seven years, I got your letter in Tangier thought that I'd been on a boat 'til that single word you wrote
,that single word it landlocked me, turned the masts to cedar trees and the winds to gravel roads. Idaho oh Idaho

can you tell we're related? i love cousin visits
Niklaas came (again! second time in a week!)

Friday, March 25

like you do

things that make Maggie extremely happy:
-getting out of lab an hour and a half early
-sleeping in but not missing class
-wearing a huge soft cardigan in 60 degree weather
-60 degree weather
-having someone to miss you
-parent phone calls
-cheesecake in the cafeteria
-texting someone good night every single night
and waking up to a good morning next every 
single morning
-rebecca black as the anthym to 1AM walmart runs
-vitamin water
-when someone tells you that you look pretty (doesn't everyone?)
-drawing smilies on my toes
-taylor swift online interviews
-closing my eyes when i'm stressed
At this moment in time, I'm very, very tired and very, very stressed and I just want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. However, I know that I'm making a big deal out of something only kind of a big deal (actually, not a big deal at all) but who isn't tired and exhausted from school at this point? I know I am! Spring break can't come fast enough and the only thing getting me through these last two weeks is knowing that at the other end is seeing my family after what will be six weeks and the fact that when I come back from spring break, I only have three and a half weeks until summer. Summer. That idea is so dreamy in itself.
The lovely and amazing Jasmine inspired me. Once she started wearing sweaters over dresses, I had to try it. I walked out of the door and my mom thought I was insane. Her eyebrows shot up and it was like I was five years old again walking into the kitchen with underwear on my head ready for school. Ha!!! But, Jasmine looks effortless all the time with her sweater dress combination and after finding this little yellow ray of sunshine at goodwill, I knew I had to try it. And I have decided that I don't care what it looks like, it's the comfiest dang thing on the planet.
dress-Goodwill sweater-Goodwill shoes-Niklaas belt-Mom tights-Urban Outfitters
This dress is also a Goodwill prize. In total, this outfit cost me four dollars. Yahoo! I'm wearing THE boots again. I'm telling you, I just wear these all four year long, for every season. They're perfect. I realized that I've never worn my hair "up" before and this seemed like as good time as any. I've been twirling my hair into messy buns more and more these days. 
Well, I'm off to die (do more chemistry and biology). Have a fantastic Friday!
P.S. I tried my luck with HTML and reorganized my layout and made my photos larger! YAY!

Wednesday, March 23

you are the northern lights

I tweeted about it, I wrote it in my calender with big hearts, and I talked to my mom about it for days. Niklaas came to Missoula yesterday!!! This semester is kind of different from last in that I came home about every three to four weeks last semester. As of right now, it's been over a month since I've been home and it'll be two more weeks until I return. Niklaas skipped school and joined his mother to Missoula where he got to visit meee! Unfortunately, he was sick, so the adventuring around Missoula wasn't as extreme as we hoped, but he got to spend a couple hours in the morning with me freezing our butts off outside and a couple hours after my classes in the study lounge. He gave me wonderful music (Adele!) to put on my iPod since I fail at doing so and it was lovely! He was also babysat by my best friends and really got to see my whole life here. I was going to skip every class of mine...but, getting to meet them was pretty valuable in itself since next year, he will no doubt be spending a lot of time around all of us. It was a lovely simple day and just seeing him made me a lovely happy little clam!
It was so funny all day long because people kept saying to me, "Wowweee, dressed up for Niklaas, are you Maggie?" Psh!! If only they knew that I tend to only "dress up" around him when I have to look presentable for a special reason or when we take pictures... other than that, I am a sweats girl! I got this dress from Goodwill back in November and it has been my favorite Missoula Good Will find yet. My stylish friend Maggie (coincidink much??) told me that it was ugly and absolutely not to get it...but I just had that gut feeling that it was cute. And when I tried it on at home, it fit me too perfectly and even she said she was glad I got it! It's vintage and floraly and the collar is strange, but that makes it all the better!
Last week, I was at Target, and while part of my becoming an adult has been to limit my impulse shopping, I found tights for $1.75. And, also despite of my becoming an adult and telling myself I wouldn't buy opaque tights ever again... I did. And these babies will never get a run in them!! Target officially is my new favorite to-go place for tights and these pairs are high on my list of 33 pairs. The pattern is so cool and unique among all I own!
I have this huge problem. You all know about my creepy obsession with Taylor Swift. Well, I am highly and very susceptible to crushing on everything. And I mean, everything. And, in fact, it might be even more than a crush because of the amount I love it. I'm that annoying girl in homeroom at 8AM on a Monday chirping away incessantly that could easily be tossed into the bimbo bin. Yes, I'm that girl. It might be more normal if I developed these crushes on people I knew personally, but it goes beyond that. Inanimate objects are not left out. In fact, they are a huge contributer to my list. And people I see in passing just once? I swoon every time I see someone even remotely adorable (and usually they're the dorks and girls dressed in cute clothes) and obsess over talking to them! Well, this doesn't become a huge problem until something happens, like today, when I'm talking loudly in the foodzoo about my new friend so and so that I sat next to in biology...and I turn around, and realize that during the entire 40 minute dinner, they were right there. The person I was ranting about that I exchanged two words with. Whoops!!! (Might I add that I had this sort of crush on Niklaas after just one plane ride and was dying to become his friend.)
dress- Goodwill tights- Target boots- Niklaas necklace- Alex belt- momma
Anyways, I've been very, very lazy these past two days. I didn't do my homework last night. And today I said I was going to write a lab report due next week, polish my paper, do my homework for the third time, and read my textbook....and I did... half of two things. Yikes. So, this means, I need to go to bed right this very minute so that I'll have the energy tomorrow to get things accomplished!