Tuesday, September 28

Divide Swapping's of a Blog Sisterhood: Part II

These posts always make me so excited to talk about! I just love our sisterhood so much. This time around, I think we did so well!! Hope's crochet lace vest is so feminine and darling. And! It was such a huge challenge for me to style! I'm really trying harder to play with layers in my everyday outfits for class and there is no one better at it than our very own Hope! :) I literally sat at my computer looking through her chictopia searching for ideas about how to make this work. I saw at one point she layered a sheer top over a romper and was like..bam! There we go! I grabbed my favorite romper I haven't blogged yet, put this vest over it, added a belt, slipped on some patterned tights and my favorite boots, and voila! And! To push it that much further, I added another layer through my royal blue cardigan in style of Hope. I love how this challenged me to step outside of my creative zone and although I took a lot of notes from Hope, this still feels so me! Yayy!
Hope styled her vest so chic-ly! I love her blazers and this hot pink one is no exception! I love how she wore this vest with jeans- this vest truly got such different looks from the three of us! Plus, the rolled jeans with her shoes are so dang cute! If you haven't, you should all go vote for her to win in the forever21 vlog contest! She made the final 10 :) Cheyne styled the vest with florals too! Hehe! Seeing that made me smile! We joke that we are soul sisters sometimes. I love her hat. She has the best hats. She always looks so put together, it makes me jealous. Actually, I'm jealous of both of these girls! Cheyne also has the best flats/boots everrr. It's my dream to go shopping with her (you too, Hope!).

It's so funny seeing how these different clothing items fit Cheyne and Hope in comparison to me! Haha. This vest was so long on me, it could have almost been a dress in itself but on them it looks like a regular old vest. In the last one, my dress went almost down to my knees but fit them perfectly! Not gonna lie, it kind of makes me wish I weren't so short so I could wear clothes like them ;)
Whenever I wear my bows, I feel like Jasmine :). Hehe! I actually have been doubting whether I should wear them like she just talked about because I've been getting such weird looks and at the movie the other day I got asked if I was a sibling visiting. What!?!? Bah!
Okay! What do you think....without the sweater...
or with?? I can't decide which I like more!
I realized that I have never, ever included my bags and purses in my shots. Mostly this is because I don't usually use them. I don't like them. But, I've been forced to in college and here is my baby! I kind of splurged on this bag from Urban and spent more money on a bag ($70) than I ever have. But I use it constantly so I guess it was a good splurge.
Gosh, I just can't get enough of these boots. Thank youuu Niklaas! I wear them a lot. Especially on campus. They're so comfy and they look so darn good with everything. I even get compliments on them! I love wearing them with tights:)
My friend took these picture (yes, I said friend! I have friends in college!). It was oh so scary to ask her to take pictures of me...but I think I've taken pictures with them about four times now and it's not quite as bad as it was. I told my roommate about my blog (sort of) but I don't think she really gets it. Which might be better? Hahaha. She took the picture (below) too, and unfortunately the camera wasn't in focus so some of my favorite "poses" came out blurry. Oh well. It's a learning experience, yeah? :)
I think you get the idea...hahaa:)
In a comment the other day (sorry, I don't remember who said it...), someone said I looked like Kirsten Bell! I've never gotten that before! In fact...I don't think I've ever been told I look like anyone. Haha! It made me laugh. But only because she's so incredibly pretty! So, I was like, whatt??!?!? Haha :) I have to say, looking at pictures of me with braces and now sans braces, I am so happy to have them off. I am much more proud of my smile hahaha.

Well, I think that's all :) I hope you're liking the DSBS (Divine Swappings of a Blog Sisterhood) as much as we are! It's probably the best thing that has happened in creating a blog- I love it!


P.S. Also, does anyone else agree that Taylor Swift's fashionista outfit looks amazzing at the Milan Fashion Week Roberto Cavalli show?

Monday, September 27

My Fall Must-Haves

So, I found Polyvore for the first time in my life. And because I've never Poly-ied and I don't have an outfit for you today, I figured I'd show you guys my fall wardrobe and my shopping list. I have no idea how this is going to turn out and I have no idea if it will be of interest to you, but, alas, why not give it a shot?
The Basics:
Okay, to start, these are all things I personally think every one needs in their wardrobe come autumn time. Every single one of these items are in my closet!

1) Floral Sleeved Dress: I might have taken this one from Teika, but there is truly no item in my closet that compares to my floral cap sleeved dress. I wear them constantly and they are the easiest thing in the world to style. Basically, anything in this set could be mixed with it. Layer with an oxford shirt, a patterned cardigan, a scarf, add tights, or a vest. A floral cap sleeved dress has endless possibilities!
2) Pea Coat: I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone needs a jacket and why not be practical and cute? I bought this yellow coat from delias on sale and it'll be fun to wear with patterns!
3) Tops: Okay, the most crucial tops in my wardrobe are my: A) Striped V-Neck-striped v-neck tops are my favorite for layering. I most commonly will add a patterned scarf if I'm on the run, a patterned cardigan, or wear it with a patterned skirt/short. They are CRUCIAL! B) Floral Button Shirt- A floral button down is so easy to dress up and down. Numerous times I've worn floral button downs to various fancier events and they instantly add some class. But! For school, I wear them with shorts, a vest, tights, and jeans. C) Striped Oxford Shirt- I wear my oxfords with dresses, tops, tucked into shorts/skirts, and cardigans. They are also another one of those pieces that you can use for everyday use or dressed up for some class. Vests are also so fun with oxfords!! D) Flannel- If you don't have a plaid shirt, I think you've been living under a rock for the past year. Flannel is without a doubt a life-saver. You don't need to wear anything particularly interesting to make flannel stand out on its own and they are so warm. American Eagle and Abercrombie are my favorite!
4) Patterned Scarves (B&W): If you saw my scarf wall, I guess you wouldn't see a whole lot of "black and white printed scarves" but for those pattern mixing beginners (haha), black and white prints are the easiest to mix. You can virtually wear either of these two scarves with anything you want if your top/dress has white or black in it. So easy and so cute.
5) Lace-up Brown Boots: My dearest got me a pair of brown lace up boots in the summer and they are the best item in my closet!! They function perfectly as warm boots, but I wore them in the summer as well. They add so much to an outfit and work for any style. I anticipate tucking my jeans into them with my flannel and scarves soon!
6) Brown Oxfords: Last year, when oxfords were being introduced, black was the trend. However, to be a little more unique amidst the sea of black oxfords, brown is an amazing choice. They're more casual than black oxfords and still add so much to an outfit like black ones. I am in love with my brown oxfords.
7) Skinny Dark Jeans: It's an essential, obviously. Go get em! My obsession lately is to tuck in button down shirts or my vnecks and put on a vest. Sooo cute!
8)  Tights: Tights!!!!! My all time favorite! Next to floral dresses! Seriously, you all know I'm obsessed with scarves, but I can't stress how much I wear them and how good they always look. It's my greatest passion to mix tight patterns with dress patterns and skirts. Eeeep! Perfection! My suggestion is to go to the Urban Outfitter clearance section and pick up the black/white textured ones that are always on sale for $4.99-7.99!
9) Floral Shorts: Lately, I've kind of swapped out my floral skirts for floral shorts. You can just as easily wear them with tights and patterns, but they don't move in the wind or crawl up your back when you're walking to class with a backpack on.
10) Cardigans/Vests: Cardigans and vests are plain and simple, the best layering tools. I invested in this patterned Urban one and it's so warm. The pattern is so cute. I definitely suggest investing in at least one good, chunky, warm cardigan for fall. They're perfect! Vests are another one of those widely styled items I use all the time. Grey is such a neutral color that would work with everything (think black stripes and florals!).

Fall Closet Up-date! 
Okay, I've bored you with the essentials so now I'm going to show you some items I want to kind of add some more variety to my closet including more trendy items to incorporate with the basics. Yay!

1) Dresses: I am craving a sweater dress for fall! They are so cute and I would so wear this striped one with crazy tights, belts, and vests. I am also lusting for a simple black double scoop one like this one from UO. I would wear it tucked into pants, skirts, as a dress alone... there are so many options!
2) Crochet Lace Vest: Hope just swapped a crochet lace vest like this one and I fell in love. I would love to layer this with different patterned tees, dresses, and over skirts and leggings. So cute! Not to mention, I can totally wear it in the summer/spring!
3) Fur Trapper Hat: Warm! Cute!
4)Chunky/Loose Cardi: I love the print on this- it's definitely outside my realm. I can so see myself curling up to it all fall and winter long!!
5) Doc Martens: I've wanted a pair forever and these floral ones are so adorable. Tights! Dresses! Eeep.
6) Military Skirt: Green seems to be the trendy color of the season, and I'm so thankful that Military being "in" doesn't include camo. Yuckkk! This skirt is adorable! I bought one and I can't wait to style it up for you all!
7) Tights: I really want a pair of tights with bows on them! I have since last winter and it's a necessity for this fall/winter. Also, I want a pair of royal blue ones. Royal blue is such a classy color and I could wear them with practically everything!
8) Accessories: I desperately want an owl necklace- how precious are they?? And I love "cluster" necklaces. I'm not really a jewelry person, but I love both of these so much. And this belt would be perfect with dresses!!

Okay. So that's what's on my fall shopping list and what I have in  my closet that I wear constantly :)
Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

I'm off to..do whatever :)


Friday, September 24


It's Friday...It's Friday...which means...I SURVIVED MY FIRST HORRIBLE WEEK OF COLLEGE! :):) I am really, really excited about this, as you probably noticed. I had a biology test, chemistry test, photography project due, and media arts test. The biology one was a-okay (as in, I did well), my photography project is still in the works, media arts online test is due Sunday night...and my chemistry test that I was freaking out about wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But, I made a couple silly stupid mistakes like leaving out a sig fig or messing up the cm to mm conversion...but other than that, it was fine!
Now that my horrible week is over, it means I can get caught up on everything, including my blog! This is only my 10th post of the month, and last month I posted 14 times...so I'm hoping to get back in the routine again. Sigh. This is the first time my priorities interfered with blogging. I could have blogged, but I chose studying instead. Ah, well. So it goes, I guess. I literally spent over 15 hours this week studying outside of class, so I can't wait to curl up in bed tonight with a good book, get my laundry done, unpack from my trip home, hang up my clothes and plan outfits, and sleep well tonight! Eeeeeep! This to me is so much better than a lot of my classmates' plans for tonight...
I'm kind of exhausted and unenthused so unfortunately, I don't have a lot to tell you. I am absolutely drained emotionally. I couldn't tell you why the past week-week and a half has been such a weirdly emotional rollercoaster, but it's getting better and I'm so tired from it all.
My photoshoots with Niklaas are almost coming to a close...:(. I have at least three left and you should be so excited for one of them! It's one of my favorite that we've done! :) Hehe. I haven't taken pictures in a few days and as I discovered, I hadn't posted one of his shoots this week, so huzzah! Best of both worlds!
We took these pictures on Moscow Mountain where we live. It was so, so pretty. You'd never think walking around and driving through our hill covered farming town there could possibly be an entire desolated forest just minutes away, but there is a whole other world in Moscow that so few people experience! My mom runs every single morning on the "Mountain" and tons of people bike up there, walk, or camp. It's kind of amazing. We got to the top just at sunrise so these pictures turned out so warm and pretty!
I bought these shorts at goodwill for TWO dollars. My sister calls them my "Grandma" shorts and upon seeing me walk into the kitchen my dad asked, "Are you wearing a quilt??" Ha. Ha. Ha. But! I love them. They fit me so perfectly and they are actually the perfect length shorts. You know me and my pattern mixing...so of course I wore a striped top with my florals. Niklaas bought this wonderfully perfect scarf for me for graduation and I find myself wearing them constantly in Montana...partially because they're warm but mostly because I miss him, I think. Hehe.
Well, I'm off to do laundry and all my good girl activities :) hehe. I made friends with a kid from Kansas who wears plaid and cowboy boots and made fun of my height within five minutes of meeting me (yay!). My sister got asked to homecoming which as loathsome as that is because I certainly didn't get asked to anything as a 15 year old, is quite cute. My roommate let me take portraits of her tonight and I loved it! Also, I stalked her crush for her on facebook and wrote on his wall. Eeeep!

Tuesday, September 21

to be your light

Alright..okay, please don't hate me (because deep down, part of me hates me for doing this)...but...I cut off all my hair. Not all! I could never do a boy-cut...but eight inches. In my whole life, hair was been my security blanket and honestly, it's been my favorite "physical feature" since forever. That said, I had no choice. I had to cut it off. There were about four inches of pure fluff and dead hair and split ends. It desperately needed it. I've only had short hair one other time and I hated it. But so far, I'm actually loving this! It's not tooo short and it'll grow back super fast. It feels so "me" at the moment!
Is it pathetic that in deciding to cut my hair I was most concerned about how my blog pictures would look without my long hair?? But, oh it was! Finally, I just decided, regardless of what hair is "in" (and long seems to be so very in with the bloggers), this blog is about me and regardless of a silly haircut, it won't take away from the essence of me :). The solution: just do what I want. So, until next time, long hair.
I was kind of in love with this outfit today. I texted Niklaas and was like, "Ahhh! I so wish you were here to take pictures of my outfit today!" because we would have made a huge photoshoot out of it. But...for the time being, I'm sorry to say, I won't be giving you all photoshoots, just clothes. Which is okay, right? Haha :) I got this dress from Modcloth during their huge sale for $12 and I love it way more than I thought I would. The print is so endearing and I love the detail one bust! Plus, the material is so soft and cozy...I could sleep in this dress.
I don't know what "my style" is, but I loved wearing this for some reason. I usually pattern mix like crazy but I really wanted to bring out this dress and make it all about its sweetness. Add a white cardi and some grey tights to bring out the undertones in the dress with some brown heeled boots and we're good. Plus a bow:)
I went home last weekend and boy oh boy...I don't know what has happened to me. In the past week, I've cried more times than I have all year! I do feel that a good portion of the raging hormones in being a female has to do with it and it really wasn't so awful, I only cried twice. But being away finally actually hit me. I'm making tons of friends and excelling in that way, but the reality of what's not here sunk in. And part of that is the whole being awway from my dearest, too. That sunk in, too. Incredibly so. I can't describe it. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I can't help but feel the need to bow down to whoever "they" are. So true! It's finally absorbed that I'm not just on vacation... this is how the rest of the semester will go and all of next.
I thought maybe it was purely the distance that was creating that "falsehood" dreamy missing sensation and that it wasn't real and in being truthful, I did want to come home to sort of see what it was all about, this "missing", and I did! I wasn't purely being imaginative. Simply sitting next to him at the soccer game felt magical and like a fairytale. More so than ever, ever before. It was just...dream-like! What's happening to mee!! Hahaha :)
OKAY! This week is crazy insane. I've studied for 9 hours already for this giant test on Thursday and I have about 6 more to get in before I'm fully prepared. Yay. At my desk the other day I said to myself, "I'm going crazy this weekend after this test is done." And the guy next to me said, "Me. Too. I'm going to get f****** this weekend. Chemistry blowout at the frat. You in?" And I was all like..."Well, I was more thinking..of..erm, you know...doing laundry and watching tons of tv and internet shopping." And he stared at me for about three seconds and turned around. HA!

The good girl. Yep. That's me.


P.S. I was featured on these blogs last week!!
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and...lastly, I am Kimberellie's "Obsession": http://purplestinkindogtoy.blogspot.com/ EEEEEEEEEE :)

Thank you so much!

Ahhhh I smiled! Go look at their blogs:) They're the sweetest!

Saturday, September 18

my boyfriend's sweater.

So, a long time ago, a girl on chictopia posted an outfit of herself wearing her boyfriend's simple crew-neck sweater. A couple months down the road, I found her blog and kept in mind her ingenious use of an article of men's clothing. A few more months, and she is now my blogging sister and inspiration muse! I love Cheyne, and I haven't forgotten how she wore her boy's sweater with a skirt and tights. And in packing for college, I asked Niklaas for his purple one from h&m. Heeheee. 5 months later, here is the result! (I'm not copying you Cheyne, promise :) )
I was going to wear my solid turquoise tights like Cheyne did...but I was too scared! I even tweeted about it! They were kind of opaque and just looked weird. I even tried matching my sweater to my tights kind of like Cheyne did with my purple ones...but i didn't like that either. So I just stuck with my regular favorite black ones! I don't know if I've debuted these babies, but I love these tights. I'm so happy about them! I think it's interesting that I'm not afraid to wear the wackiest black/white textured tights but I can't step out in public with solid color ones.
This is kind of a brief post. Sorry! I'm getting ready for this weekend next week. The Bad News: Chemistry test next week, Biology test next week, and three lab reports due. And photography project. The Good News: I'm going HOMEEEE this weekend!!! Yipppeeee!!! I could practically jump up and down at my desk right now if I weren't sleepy and lazy. I'm going to go to see Niklaas who just fractured his foot and go to the fair and hopefully celebrate my sister's birthday! I'm so, so, so excited. So far, in the...4 weeks we've been apart...I've gone home twice. Which isn't going to be a habit, I promise. After this, I won't have a free weekend until November. So. Seven weeks apart after this. Poooo :(.
I had my roommate take these pictures! I wish I had asked her to take one more straight-on...but it's a learning experience with other people. I was so spoiled with Niklaas! Bah! I miss that kid. I think we're gonna do a few shoots this weekend though :)
sweater- Niklaas' skirt-delias tights-urban outfitters shoes-old navy hat-f21
Oh! And guess what I have for you all! Remember my vlog I talked about a sponsor?? Well, here is my first sponsor who is sponsoring this post today :) See the bottom of the post! :)
And in case you wanted to see some pictures of my friends in college and I, here you go :)
Katie, Jenny (roommate), and MAGGIE! She's the well-dressed girl hahaa. I love her sweater!
Roommates! Jenny and me:)
Jenny and Jennifer (my two best friends!). Jennifer just got into Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sorority pose!
football game!! Yes...that IS a creeper behind us. Photobomb!

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